I help amazing women like you to re-create their relationship with money and earn a living sharing their beautiful gifts and talents.

Did you know it is possible to re-gig your perspective on money and work to create something brand new which feels freer, more joyful, more expanded and oozing in yummy self confidence and radiance?

Would you like to:

– Own and communicate the value of what you do even if the work feels easy to you or so enjoyable that you would do it for free?

– Believe in the value of your skills, gifts and talents? Feel confident and deserving in receiving money?

– Be able to imagine strategies and a path forward to transition from your current work and money reality into a beautiful new one?

– Let go of and heal the shame, guilt, fear and insecurity that comes from your previous money decisions or family of origin baggage?

When it comes to money?

Are you feeling financially irresponsible, like you “should” have done things in your career or money by now & you haven’t?

Do you believe you are “not good” with money?

Do you rarely look at the detail and avoid the big picture OR do you obsess about the details and future?

Is the need to do “money self-improvement” draining your energy and forever on your to-do list?

And what about work?

Are you under earning, under charging, struggling to communicate your value or sell yourself at the price you know you are worth?

Do you struggle to see how you can earn a decent income from work you love and so feel stuck in a day job, part time job or doing business projects you don’t love because you need the money?

Does your current work feel boring, stressful or frustrating to the point that you really resent it?

Next step? Download the free video series on how to “Heal Your Relationship with Money” serious or contact me.

Together we can get you feeling more excited when it comes to your work as well as building a strong, healthy money relationship.

Let’s blow your current money story out of the water!

About Suzanna

A little bit about me

Hi. I’m Suzanna Broughton, I’m an *Intuitive Financial Healer* and former Certified Financial Planner. I know what it is like to struggle to find purpose in my work and a way to make money that feels good. I know what it feels like to be in debt and facing the reality that it will take years to pay off.


One on One Support

In addition to powerful group programs I also provide One on One Intuitive Financial Healing and Coaching sessions. These sessions support you in creating tangible lasting transformation with your money and work. We focus on strategy, mindset and inner work to create change in three key areas.


Client's experience

What real women say about working with me. “My experience of the Her Money Her Purpose workshop was really uplifting! Suzanna guided us through the topic of money and personal purpose with sensitivity, humour and grace. The workshop content was practical and thought-provoking, offering just the right amount of challenge

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