On the money side…

  • Are you feeling financially irresponsible, like you “should” have done things (like payoff debt, review your accounts or even sort out your financial settlement) & you haven’t?
  • Are you believing you are “not good” with money? You rarely look at the detail and you avoid the big picture OR you obsess about the details and future?
  • Is the fact that your feel you haven’t got a great handle on your money and overall financial plan draining your energy and forever on your to-do list?

On the work side…

  • Are you under earning, under charging, struggling to communicate your value or sell yourself at the higher price you know you are worth?
  • Do you struggle to see how you can earn a decent income doing work you love and so you wonder if you will be stuck having a day job, part time job or doing business projects your don’t love because it’s your bread & butter money?
  • Does your current work feel boring, stressful or frustrating to the point that you really resent it?

If you answered yes to any of the above I want you to know it doesn’t have to be this way.

I help visionary woman like you have a different relationship with money and work.

It is possible to re-gig your perspective on money and work and create something brand new which feels freer, more joyful, more expanded and oozing in yummy self confidence and radiance.

Do you want some of that? Book a free Enjoy the Climb session! This session is about practical $ strategies, shifting money beliefs and emotions. YOU deserve it.