This tip is a gentle practice for when we are making life harder than it needs to be.

We do make things hard for ourselves dear humans don’t we?

We have entire belief systems about how anything worth doing is not easy.

We put hard on a pedestal and spit on easy. If it’s easy it must not be worth doing, must not be a real dream, must not…(if you don’t believe me google “easy quotes” and ask yourself if what you see supports easy or puts it down?)

Don’t get me wrong. Life, good stuff, takes effort. But have we gone to0 far with this?

My quick tip today is, before you start something, before you embark on a project, or regularly throughout the day, ask yourself “how can this be easy?


See what happens. See what answers you get about how you can make it easy or what beliefs pop up about it not being able to be easy. 

I would love to hear how you go.

Many joyfully expansive blessings,