Do you feel stuck between two less than ideal options?

Stay in a career you don’t love because you need the money or quit and sacrifice financially to create something new?

Keep pushing in your work/business or give up, look after yourself and admit defeat?

In both cases the options are appalling. Not at all appealing.

I have been having conversations lately with myself and with clients where we seem to be misled into thinking we only have two options and one feels bad and the other feels worse!

I was guided to start asking a different question…


Instead of asking which of these two unappealing options should we choose I was lead to ask “what is the third option?”.

In asking this question we open ourselves up to the infinite possibilities that exist.

In asking this question we shift our focus away from the rock and the hard place we feel stuck between.

In asking this question we begin to see the space that exists between the two options and the fact that we aren’t really stuck at all.

In any moment. When we feel we have one, two or more options that are keeping us stuck we can ask:

  • What is the third option? or
  • What other options are there?

And we create a space for other solutions to find us.

What possibilities open up for you when you ask different questions?

Many joyfully expansive and gentle blessings,


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