After nearly 5 years helping women transform their money I have learned to identify the women who are really ready to make a change and those who aren’t.

Heck. I even see this in myself and can pretty much tell when I am ready and when I am not ready to make a breakthrough.

The following list explains the most common key indicators that show me a women is ready to transform her relationship with money.

Do any of these sound like you?

1. Feelings

You feel annoyed, frustrated, stuck in a holding patten. Taking one step forward and two steps back. It feels anxious. Almost impossible to see how the future will come together and yet there is a knowing, a deep knowing, that you are ready.

You feel ready to enjoy your life more. You feel ready to enjoy money more. Ready to enjoy the work you are doing. Ready to receive more money and more joy into your life. There is a feeling of being ready.

And there may be an excitement which can be intense at times it may even feel like fear at times. It feels scary and yet exciting.

2. Life Circumstances

Things are happening that you don’t want to deal with. Or things are happening that you feel finally ready to deal with!

Basically the $hit may be hitting or close to hitting the fan. And you are pushed.

You feel a burst of energy behind you. Like gentle yet firm hands of the Creator or a Guide. Maybe it feels like a loved one who has passed. Guiding you. Pushing you. Psychically slapping you.

There is a sense that the circumstances are pushing you in a healthy and more abundant direction. But what is happening now may be hard, really hard, to live with.

3. Ideas

Ideas come into your mind. Visions. Ways you could be doing things. It doesn’t mean they are “it”. They may or may not be what you are meant to be doing for work or with your money. But there are clues.

The ideas are coming. Brief visions or longer moments of clear vision. Something happens in your mind’s eye which is where creation begins – and you are seeing it.

Ideas are coming to you.

4. Ready to let go

There may be one or more aspects of your work or life or money that you are ready to let go of.

It may feel like cutting off an arm. Letting go of things that have been “a part of you” for so long is challenging. It could be a job. A relationship. A home. A type of work.

But you are now ready to let go. Ready for these things to be fucked off, out of your life for good.

And there is a sense that your money ducks need to be in a row to support this transition.

5. Ready to let in

There are things you want. You can feel the desire. It may be so intense it is palpable.

Physical things. A new iPhone. A new car. New clothes. Nickers that don’t have holes in them.

Experiences. A holiday. Or a massage. Or a yoga class. Or just a freaking pedicure.

And you look at the bank account and see that you can’t have these things unless something changes.

These aren’t selfish things. You aren’t an overly materialistic person.

But you can see that something is going to have to give before you can get what you want.

Even though sometimes you may make excuses and say “your old phone”, or “your old car” or “your old computer is okay”. You make due.

Nobody knows your underwear has passed it’s use by date…nobody needs to know…

Or. You haven’t been denying yourself…but…now you have the credit card bill to go with it and you feel like you will spend years paying the damn thing off.

You are ready to let in freedom to buy what you desire and experience what you desire without being burdened by debt.

7. You want to be independent and to have freedom

You are tired of being supported. You get money from a partner, a family member, an ex-partner or the Government. Or you have a job or business which doesn’t light you up.

You don’t want to support yourself like this anymore. You are tired of being dependant or stuck.

You want to be self sufficient. You want to be able to stand up proud. Walk tall. Knowing that not only did you make your own money but you made it doing work that you enjoy. Work that lights you up.

8. It is so close… 

It’s so close you can almost taste it. It feels like it’s on the tip of your tongue.

You may have done money work, abundance work before, and yet, it’s not quite tipped into the place where you are really wanting to be.

You are in a place that feels almost like where you started. And some of it may feel all for naught. But then there is a sense that there are just a few more pieces – or even one more piece to the puzzle and it will all fall into place.

Maybe you sense what you need is consistency. Or maybe you already know the nugget but haven’t really admitted it to yourself yet.

Does this sound like you?

If three or more of the above feel like you AND you are willing to fully take personal responsibility for your money than I am 100% certain that you are ready to create a transformation with your money relationship. And I am 100% certain that it is possible for you!

I have personally re-created my relationship with money numerous times and each one feels perfect for where I am at.

If you would like to get more information about how you can you can create transformation with your money by moving through money blocks and creating money channels then you are welcome to sign up for the free training.


Many joyfully expansive blessings,