Miss ironic says….“I don’t care what you want. We are going to talk about desire.”

I have spent a good chunk of time over the weekend reflecting on what I truly desire in my heart and tuning into what the other parts of me desire as well.

Often when I take the time to work through my desires I have confirmation of desires that have long been travelling with me as well as some new, potent desires that have crept in.

Desire is so important.

Rather than doing work and making decisions for a place of “logic” when we pull in desire – not just our momentary desires but our heart’s true desires – things are completely different.

When we start with desire we are juicing up our manifestation and also our inherent motivation and inspiration.

We don’t have to whip ourselves to act when we allow the energy of desire. Instead our desire will pull us forward.

Many of us are moving towards desires which have a bit of fear attached. Dealing with fear and self doubt is easier when we start from a place of desire.

There is a shadow aspect of desire both as women and in a spiritual context. Desire is associated with sexuality and shame in our feminine power. Desire is also associated with suffering in a spiritual sense.

Some may believe Buddhist and other spiritual traditions tell us that desire create suffering. I do no believe that is true. I believe it is attachment to our desires that creates suffering.

The desires themselves is the dreamer having a dream of what they could create. The desire is our evolutionary process. Just as the baby desires it’s Mother’s milk and the tree grows upwards and outwards as it’s leaves desire the sunlight.

And we can tell our action comes from a desire that is our natural evolution; growing, giving and receiving. The action feels effortless and in flow.

And when our actions from come from a different place. A logic place. The work feels hard. There is pressure and pushing.

The creation that comes from logic may create more suffering than true desire because when the creation comes from logic the “reward” is in the outcome.

With desire the reward comes in the seeking, in the creating. In feeling into the desire the dreamer already gets his or her reward. The manifestation becomes both irrelevant from a reward perspective and assured from a creation perspective as long as the dreamer stays connected to the feeling of desire and takes action from that place.

It is my strong assertion that desire is the birthplace of manifestation.

So desire is where we will start our journey in the 12 Month Her Money Her Purpose Ultimate Money Mastermind.

Desire is the first of the 12 essential money themes that we will explore. One theme per month for each of the 12 months.

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