A question not often asked when it comes to money is…

How can I use my money to become more of who I am?

Many people have an underlying assumption that if they are going to “be responsible”, “be in control” or “set goals” around money that it will mean they have to restrict, they have to sacrifice, they have to somehow trade off.

But I don’t see it that way.

In fact…I believe when we align our money decisions with our values it is not about sacrificing, it actually is an opportunity for us to become more of who we truly are.

When making decisions with money, rather than thinking what we “should” do or what “makes sense” we can feel into the idea of using money to become more of who we truly are.

For example if we value adventure we can use our money to create that.

If we value having a warm and comfortable home we can use our money to create that.

If we value connection to people we can use our money to foster that.

If we value nature we can use our money to spend time there and even to help protect it.

At the same time we can create adventure, cultivate connections and commune with nature in ways that don’t cost money – or not much money at all. Heck we can even make money in ways that align with those values.


Creating freedom and security

So many women I work with tell me that what they truly want is freedom and security with their money.

They want to feel as though they are totally looked after and they want to feel they have the money to do what they want to do when they want to do it.

But if we wait for things to change with our money so we can feel freedom and security we will always be waiting.


Instead we can find ways to feel secure, to feel free and to align our money decisions with who we truly are and what we truly value now, then as more money flows in we will be well placed to effortlessly know what to do with more money in our lives.

It doesn’t have to be a trade off. We can have everything we want, just not all at once which is where discretion and making decisions based on what we truly value matters a lot.

Money flow

As money flows into and out of our lives we can use it creatively to express who we are.

When you take action to bring money into your life through your work, creating art, quoting a project or selling something you aren’t using anymore – all of these are opportunities to express who you are in the world.

When you save or invest money you can express who you are by linking the future use of the money and by selecting investments which line up with your values.

And of course, you can spend your money in a way that is truly you – every transaction you make is an opportunity to leave a little bit of your legacy in the world. And it’s an opportunity to feel good about the choices you make because you are being true to you.

What gives money value is how we use it.

So, how can you use your money to become more of who you are?

Many joyful blessings,