What benefits can you expect to get from transforming your relationship with money?

Why bother?

Your relationship with money has so much impact on how you make decisions and the decisions you are able to make.

For example, travel. When can you afford the trip? How will you be able to afford it? Do you dare acknowledge your desire for that dream trip? Will it be something you “always dream of” or something you make real?

Just the other day someone said to me – and it hit me like a ton of bricks – why would I bother working with someone like you to transform my relationship with money? Why would I bother to put myself through all that stress?

I bet this thought exists on some level in many of our minds. We believe that in order to transform we must upset the apple cart. We have to change the way we think. We have to challenge our current mindset and philosophies. In other words it takes stress to transform.

And to an extent I agree. We can’t stay the same, stay comfortable, and change at the same time – it just doesn’t work like that!

Think about your last holiday, all the stress of planning, organising, getting packed, leaving on time. All the things you have to think about to make it happen. Now think about how all the stress fades into a distant memory when you reach your destination and spend a few days unwinding!

It is a bit like that with transforming your relationship with money. A bit of effort is required to get to your destination. But once you do you forget all the stress and revel in the amazing moments you get to live!

Think about the cost you already pay, the money stress you already deal with on a regular basis. When we do nothing, or try to make changes on our own without support, we actually maintain a certain level of stress.

My preference at the moment is working with someone I trust in a small group of people who are transforming right along-side me.

I have transformed my relationship with money many times, it’s an on-going and life changing process. Each time I transform I learn more about the benefits.

Top 3 reasons it’s worthwhile to transform your relationship with money.

#1 – No more money worries

I have been a person who would worry about money. I would stress. I was thinking about money way too much – or avoiding thinking about it at all.

No amount of budgeting or planning could truly free me from the stress and worry. I needed to transform the way I planned and thought about money.

I transformed my relationship with money and started feeling like money is a source of support and a friend. This allowed me to think about money in terms of using it as a tool to help me create the life I want.

This was huge for me!

No more money worries = less stress!

#2 – Freedom

Now that I have transformed my relationship with money I think about money in terms of helping me create the life I want, rather than forcing me to do things I don’t want to, and I am now able to use money as a tool to create ever more freedom in my life.

If something makes me feel shackled – like having to go into an office and work at a certain time every day –  I can redesign my life and use my money to create a life where I feel more freedom.

Personally, I can’t stand wearing a bra, and don’t get me started on shoes! Now the majority of my work is home based. I am able to feel so much freedom in dressing the way that feels comfortable to me. (Not to mention how much I save on shoes!)

Having the freedom to design my life is way less stressful than believing I had to fit (my feet) into the mould.

#3 – Future planning

In the past I could not or did not set long term goals. Because my relationship with money is now one that supports me I am able to set goals and plan for the long term.

I save 10% of my income and buy long term investments like shares which provide me with passive income now and will continue to grow in value into the future.

I save (a lot more than 10% of my income) towards my biggest current goal of buying my own home. (I am not looking to buy right now as I predict a market correction and would rather be cashed up with a big deposit than stretch myself now and overpay.)

And since we are saving as much as we can towards our new home my partner and I recently re-gigged how we use our money.  By making one small tweak we freed up hundreds of dollars every month which will soon grow into a nice holiday budget. Thailand and Cambodia here we come!

The point here is I am able to make plans to reach huge goals. Goals that I couldn’t even have dreamed possible if I hadn’t transformed my relationship with money.


There is nothing wrong, or cruel, or selfish about having a positive relationship with money.  You deserve to create a life you love. It is your right to wake up eager for the day knowing you are moving closer to your goals.

What would transforming your relationship with money mean to you?

Want info about a small mastermind of women coming together from 5 March 2018 to transform their relationship with money? Email Suzanna@HerMoneyHerPurpose.com.

With love and gratitude,