Hi. I’m Suzanna Broughton,

I’m an *Intuitive Financial Healer* and former Certified Financial Planner.

I know what it is like to struggle to find purpose in my work and a way to make money that feels good. I know what it feels like to be in debt and facing the reality that it will take years to pay off.

I know what it is like to feel stuck in a career I don’t love because I needed the money and because I felt I had “invested” too much time and money to get there.

I know what it feels like to not enjoy having money or spending money on myself. To not feel deserving or even to feel guilty for what I had.

I’ve been through painful relationship breakups, job losses and death of close loved ones.

I am living a life which includes getting paid to do work I absolutely love, living in a beautiful home, I’m blessed with beautiful relationships, a supportive partner, as well as time and money for learning, joy and travel.

I’m basically living my ideal life.

Do you want to have more than enough money to design your life?

Want to know a secret?

It takes way less money than you think to have the life you want.

You won’t need millions to create your new reality. You will need tools and practices that help you strike a healthy and powerful balance between the numbers and your inner knowing.

A bit of my story…

Back in my Financial Advising days I learned what to do to build and protect wealth. But I was bored and felt how limiting it is to focus solely on the numbers.

After 13 plus years of education and work experience in the “material financial” world and achieving the highest internationally recognised certification in Financial Planning, I packed it in.

Problem was I wasn’t sure what I should or could do next. I couldn’t even imagine how my passions psychology, self education, happiness theory and personal empowerment would support me in creating a new career path for myself.

I took the push from the universe as a sign to start something new.

In 2011 my job as Financial Planner was made redundant, after a few months of self exploration, in 2012 I started out on a new path helping women to expand their awareness about money, deeply connecting to their feminine power and self value.

I (eventually) owned that my particular superpower is helping teachers, healers, coaches, writer and creatives transform their relationship with money so that they can do work they love, earn good money and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Having traveled this journey myself means I can help women like you fully commit to your true purpose, get paid for it and enjoy the feeling of abundance that you deserve for all that you give.

Do you want some support with this?

The most impactful way for you to receive this support is though the 12 week Her Money Her Purpose program. Get in touch with me to learn more about this powerful program.

Join the tribe of visionary women who are transforming themselves and their lives.

It’s all about the life you desire to live.

Are you ready, willing and able to receive this support?

You totally got this!

To your happiness and harmony,

Suzanna Broughton

Want to see my degrees, qualifications and honours?

I have a few degrees, qualifications and honours (from my past life)
  • Financial Planning Association, Certified Financial Planner, 2011
  • Responsible Investment Association Australasia, Responsible Investing – A Specialist Course for Financial Advisers, 2010
  • Kaplin, Certificate IV in Financial Services Finance/Mortgage Broking, 2009
  • FINSIA, Graduate Certificate of Financial Planning, 2006
  • Ryerson University, Bachelor of Commerce, Finance Major, International Business Minor, Dean’s List, 2002
My more recent non-financial trainings and certifications:
  • Art of Feminine Presence Teacher Training Level 1, 2013
  • Art of Feminine Presence Teacher Training Level 2, 2013
  • Access Consciousness BARS Certification, 2012
  • Humanistic Neural Linguistic Psychology (HNLP) Certification, 2012
  • Feminine Spirituality and Leadership Program, 2012
  • Australian Hypnosis Certification, 2012
My Professional Bio

frontpageSuzanna Broughton is a world class Intuitive Financial Healer. She helps women to create transformation in their finances and work.

Suzanna is an expert at helping visionary women boldly re-create their relationship with money so they can achieve their financial goals quicker, allowing more money into their lives in a way that feels in alignment, with more ease and flow.

Her unique approach draws on her formal training and experience as a Certified Financial Planner and blends this grounded practicality with metaphysics and spirituality.

Suzanna’s clients create healthy and happy finances from a place of balance between the numbers and their inner knowing.

To contact Suzanna:
0404 384 297

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