Together we create new money stories, demolish money blocks and open up channels to receive more money from our soul work and sacred gifts.









       With Suzanna

       Intuitive Financial Healer

       and Trainer

Is this program for you?

  • Are you aware that your money mindset and money beliefs need to shift if you are going to create a sustainable income from your soul work?
  • Have you tried to “go it alone” or have been in other programs which are short, not deep enough, or don’t provide enough intimate support?
  • Do you have a general awareness that you need to change your money story but could use a lot more clarity about what specifically you would like to change and how you can go about it?
  • Have you already started to create some positive change with your money but want to continue the journey and not slip back into old patterns.


Benefits women have received from Her Money Her Purpose:

  • Moving from feeing like they are “not good” with money to handing their money with ease.
  • Letting go of feeling shackled and held back by money.
  • Sorting out their money stress.
  • Earning income from work they love rather than work feeling like a hard slog.
  • Selling out their programs or creations. Putting up their prices.
  • Communicating about money with their partners and other people in their lives with grace, confidence and clarity.
  • Have a plan for their money, feeling in control of their destiny and life creation.
  • Create stability with money. Move through fear and eliminate cycles of feast and famine.

What’s included?


12 Weekly Essential Transformational Money Themes. Audio lessons and written play books to explore.

One on one option - 6 transformational support and mentoring calls with Suzanna.

Bonuses - when need, desire or inspiration strikes.


Her Money Her Purpose doesn’t have to just be about “getting there quicker” or “playing a bigger game”.

It can be about enjoying the game you are playing now and finding joy in the process.

It can be about enjoying today free from shame, grief or feeling like a failure with money.

The 12 Essential Transformational Money Themes

Could this be you?

What is the investment?

The investment for this transformation program self study is $197.

To work with Suzanna one on one (including the six transformational support sessions) is $997 – payment plans are available.