What real women say about working with me.


Anne-client“My experience of the Her Money Her Purpose workshop was really uplifting! Suzanna guided us through the topic of money and personal purpose with sensitivity, humour and grace.

The workshop content was practical and thought-provoking, offering just the right amount of challenge to get me thinking more deeply about my own habits and goals. At the same time, I felt affirmed in the aspects of my life that are already in alignment. Suzanna really walks her talk and I really like that.

The workshop was great value and I recommend it to any woman who is committed to her own empowerment.”

Anne-Marie Hoyne
Facilitator, Coessence Healing & Transformation – Co-Founder of The Women’s Hearth

helen-client“I attended Suzanna’s Her Money Her Purpose Workshop. I have never thought of myself as having money issues but I was intrigued by this workshop’s feminine slant and I picked up a few practical tips.

Then, at the very end of the workshop we looked at what emotions money can trigger in us. What came from this were some very deep insights that are still to date unfolding…and I know I will be able to make good use of them to bring even more freedom of choice to my daily living.

This workshop is about so much more than just money, as Suzanna likes to say – it is all about you, and I highly recommend it to you.”

Dr Helen Ferrara
Creative Nurture – www.creativenurture.com.au

One on One Sessions

Amanda-client“I had a session with Suzanna Broughton from Her Money Her Purpose.  When I spoke to Suzanna I was stuck, afraid and feeling completely out of my depth with a new business project.  Suzanna got me thinking in a new way, she challenged me in such a gentle yet firm way. I felt safe and knew I was with someone who can see in me what I could not and I really needed to see in myself.

By the end of the session I was actually moved to tears by my own transformation. I saw my situation in a completely different light, from a place of joy, privilege, excitement and where I was both competent and capable, beforehand I felt I was neither!  With a few gentle prompts, wonderfully intuitive questions and a safe container to bare my soul, Suzanna helped me in my hour of need.  Thank you.”

Amanda Boyd, Inner Solace, Ireland


“I was aware of Suzanna and her work before I signed up for a session, but it took a money crisis for me to finally take that first step with her.

I had no idea what our session would involve, but assumed there would be talk of money.

Little did I realise how deep we would dive and the layers that would ultimately be revealed around my money story – even though we barely touched on the subject.

Suzanna’s gentle, highly intuitive yet no bullshit approach allowed me to feel safe to really did deep and get right to the heart of some of my core issues around money.

She offered insightful suggestions yet what felt truly amazing was the way she held space for ME to show up and do the work.

After our session I felt lighter with an obvious shift in my story, and have started to use some of her suggestions to continue to clear and release old stories that have held me back.”

Star Despres, www.divinestar.com.au

Her Money Her Purpose 12 Week Program

For years I have been struggling with money, my limitations around it.
This course allowed me to examine all of that and gave me insights that would allow me to shift those limits.

During the first session we had a meditation which showed me as shackled by chains of dollar signs.
After my one-on-one session with Suzanna I saw a vision of the shackles dropping away and my clear path ahead which I could not only set out upon but was actually moving towards me!

Over the 12 weeks I managed to get a job, start a saving plan, bring all my finances up to date, divested my super, changed and streamlined bank accounts and create a vision for my business that I began to work on during this time.

The small group of 8 was so supportive and safe for me to share in, and many of the stories and experiences of others allowed me to gain further insights. I enjoyed the guided meditations and other tools Suzanna used to bring about a shift in consciousness.

I loved the feminine approach that Suzanna takes and her questioning and reflecting back was a really useful way of uncovering stories and relationships with money.

There is also a plethora of practical advice and tools to better manage the nuts and bolts of one’s finances.”

Karen P