In addition to powerful group programs I also provide One on One Intuitive Financial Healing and Coaching sessions.

These sessions support you in creating tangible lasting transformation with your money and work.

We focus on strategy, mindset and inner work to create change in three key areas:

  1. Helping you to earn more money.
  2. Helping you to use the money you have more effectively to reach your goals.
  3. Helping you to bring more purpose, joy and freedom into your work and life.

What do you need?

You may need support as you move through a life, career or business transition.

You may be starting or wanting to start a new job, career or business.

You may be ready to move to a new level in your business or career, including a new income level.

I help you understand the numbers and also get in touch with, what you know deep down, is right for you.

I help you shift any negative or stale emotions, blocks or limiting beliefs surrounding your financial situation, your work or your self value.

You go on to create from a better feeling place with a clear picture of what to do next and confidence that you can do it.


What do we do?

We start with conversation around what is challenging to you now and what you would like to create.

From there we peel back layers. We set judgement aside and, with compassion, we work through unhelpful thought patterns, beliefs and associations.

Letting go of beliefs and emotions (from wherever they may come) that are no longer serving you today. Helping you move to a place of joyful, aligned and inspired action.

Generally you won’t be hypnotised and I won’t be waving around a bunch of crystals, spraying essential oils or lighting incense. (Those things are all fun but are not on the list of techniques or practices I tend to use.)

We may work with practices that are new or different to help you embody the changes so they aren’t just a mental game.

You will be able to make some sense of what is happening – both in your present situation and in your transformation – this work is not super weird or new age and so far all my clients have been able to drive afterward!

Never the less this is powerful stuff!!!


Once we decide to work together, transformation can start to happen very quickly.

One Hour Session

One on One Intuitive Financial Healing and Coaching Session (approximately 60 mins).

A$220.00 – BUY NOW


One Hour Session with Follow Up

One on One Intuitive Financial Healing and Coaching Session (approximately 60 mins) with a 30 Minute Follow Up Session for Accountability & To Make Sure you Are On Track & Integrating

A$330.00 – BUY NOW


*SAVVY INVESTMENT* This session price is 100% credited to any extended, full price, one on one programs we do together.

*RISK FREE* If at the end of our first session you aren’t convinced it was useful then I will refund your money.

What does working with me accomplish?

Check out a few examples of client praise here.