She’s Loving Her Work & Getting Paid Well Workshop with Suzanna Broughton



This workshop is about healing your relationship with money and work from a place of inner knowing and balance.

Future dates TBA

Who this workshop is for:

  • Women who love what they do but would like to earn more money.
  • Women who are in or considering a career transition, who don’t want to sacrifice money for career or business joy and purpose.
  • Women who want to feel they use their money wisely and purposefully.
  • Women who understand that their financial and career success is an inside out process.
  • Women who are open to exploring deeper aspects of self to attain spiritual and material advancement.

What to expect from the workshop:

  • Receive practical and thought provoking ideas, tips and practices to explore and transform your relationship with money.
  • Participate in authentic conversation about your desires and purpose.
  • Learn a powerful simple practice for connecting to your inherent self value and communicating from this place.
  • Learn a step by step process to manage money day to day which is infused with uplifting energy.
  • Discover a powerful money mindset shift that will transform and ground your spending decisions.
  • Learn techniques to create awareness and shift emotional, mental and energetic clutter around money.
  • Create more lightness and freedom from the inside out.

Anne-client“My experience of the Her Money Her Purpose Workshop was really uplifting!
Suzanna guided us through the topic of money and personal purpose with sensitivity, humour and grace.
The workshop content was practical and thought-provoking, offering just the right amount of challenge to get me thinking more deeply about my own habits and goals. At the same time, I felt affirmed in the aspects of my life that are already in alignment. Suzanna really walks her talk and I really like that.
The workshop was great value and I recommend it to any woman who is committed to her own empowerment.”
Anne-Marie Hoyne
Facilitator, Coessence Healing & Transformation
Co-Founder of The Women’s Hearth
renee-client“I love the gentleness and understanding that Suzanna brings to everything she does.
There is so much ‘stuff’ around money and Suzanna has this seamless elegant and non-judgmental way to remove money blocks and the story we tell ourselves around it.
I love that she provides practical solutions yet she understands that sometimes energetically there are things that need to be released, understood and shifted so we can move forward.
I highly recommend Suzanna.”
Renee Mayne
A visionary director for smart, intuitive, savvy leaders.