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Your Numbers Your Freedom is a six stage transformation.


This program is a divine blend of practical money mastery and manifestation magic.


It’s about getting intimate with your numbers, shifting the way you think and feel about money and consciously calling money in!!

With Suzanna,

Money Mentor and Intuitive Facilitator

Is this program for you?

  • Are you transitioning into earning a sustainable income from your soul work?
  • Are you challenged by money tracking and money mindset?
  • Are you ready to get intimate with your numbers and create freedom by having money work for you?
  • Are you determined to create more joyful income and magic with your money?


“Softer” benefits:

  • Change the way you feel about being “intimate” with your numbers.
  • Explore and move through emotional “stuff” around money, deserving and worthiness.
  • Shift and transform your money beliefs.
  • Skill up your magic and manifestation.

“Hard-core” benefits:

  • A step by step, supported and grounded framework for money expansion; setting goals and money tracking.
  • A grounded system which continues to support you each time you up-level.
  • Awareness and clarity so your earning and spending supports your freedom.

What’s Included in the Program?


Six bite sized lessons by email. Building towards an achievable end goal.

Bonus video resources - "How to Estimate Tax" (in Australia)

Clarity and Intention

  • Clarity on what freedom and money freedom means to you.
  • Clarity and intention around spending.
  • Clarity and intention around earning.

Annual Freedom Numbers

  • Translating words and ideas into numbers.
  • Annual Freedom Earning and Freedom Spending.
  • Awareness of mindset obstacles.

Now and Coming

  • What do you want to do with the money you are receiving now?
  • What will you do with money you receive in the future?
  • Introducing the practice of radical gratitude.

Daily Freedom Number

  • Translating annual numbers into daily numbers.
  • Introducing Freedom Savings.
  • Clarity for goal setting and vision.

Keep on Tracking

  • The structured way to track income and spending.
  • Weekly income goal tracking (for biz).
  • Biz numbers tracking made “seriously easy”.

Commit and Receive

  • Committing and sticking to your vision and plan.
  • Review and commit to goals.
  • Open up and ready to receiving.

Single Payment of $399

3 Monthly Payments of $149

“Opportunities are coming at me from all angles

( / angels)!

This numbers thing is incredible.”

– Hannah, Your Numbers Your Freedom Participant


About Suzanna

Some people force themselves to work because they believe they need the money. They sacrifice freedom, creativity and self expression for the “almighty dollar”.

Suzanna Broughton is an Intuitive Money Mentor who helps women fall in love with their work and purpose. She can be a funny one, but also deeply thinking, empathically feeling and insightfully wise.
She combines the super practical “let’s get your finances in order” stuff with transforming the “energy” you feel around money – yes that is a thing.

Her clients get to feel good about themselves around money and have a structure and foundation to get back to enjoying their work and their unique expression of purpose.

Single Payment of $399

3 Monthly Payments of $149

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